Find Me Flowers
A Guide to Australian Florists

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial?
Yes, we offer a 30 day free trial with subscription creation.
(The free trial is not available immediately before Valentine's or Mother's Day)
How much does it cost?
The price is currently $49 per quarter (ie every 3 months).
Do I need my own website to link to?
No - if you don't have a website we provide an order page and the order will be emailed to you.
I do have my own website - can you link people to it?
Yes - if you have a page for each arrangement you want to feature then we can link each photo to that page
Will this help my website's rank in Google?
No - we block the product links to your site from Google, as they are paid for. Giving a Google benefit would violate Google's rules, putting your site and ours at risk.
Do I need photos of my arrangements?
Yes - if you don't have any we are able to suggest local photographers in many areas (but not all)
You should have professional photography for your marketing efforts anyway!
(Some people have permission from a wire service to use their photos - we can work with that)

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