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We were contacted by a Doncaster florist last week who was upset about a customer call she had taken from a Find Me Flowers visitor.

This florist hadn’t told us which wire services she uses, so we were displaying various wire services against her listing. (If a florist doesn’t advertise their wire services, and doesn’t tell us, we can’t know who they use).

She was upset because the potential customer wanted an arrangement displayed in the sidebar for the listing, but the florist was unable to match the price.

We can understand this is a problem, so we have made the following change to the layout on the florist listings on Find Me Flowers – when we don’t know which wire service a florist uses, we won’t display the prices on the sidebar wire service product display.

Obviously reducing the amount of information available to the customer also reduces the likelihood they will buy, but we feel this is a better answer than upset or confused customers.

Where we know which wire services the florist uses we will still display the sidebar pricing for wire services.

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