Find Me Flowers
A Guide to Australian Florists

Welcome to the Florist Management Interface for Find Me Flowers.

Find Me Flowers is a directory of Florists across Australia.

The directory is generally funded by advertising the various wire services that each florist uses (Interflora, Teleflora, Petals, etc…) - but not every florist is with a wire service, and some florists would like orders not to have a middle man. So we have developed this area to allow florists to directly sponsor the listing for their business, allowing orders to come directly to the florist, rather than through a third party.

Who is this for?

Here you can sign up to display your own arrangements on the listing for your business, manage details of how the orders will reach you and much more.

No website to link arrangements to? No worries - we can email order details through to you.

Register to see how it will all look before paying a cent or read the FAQ first if you have more questions.

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